MindScape MasterClass

Money/Time and Success

I am delighted to announce that we have a newly extended version of the original and very powerful MindScape MasterClass Money & Success. This online live class is perfect for both new and experienced Advanced MindScapers. A fantastic opportunity for further practice and to harness the power of MindScape to reprogram our subconscious create real change in our lives.

Why Money & Time?

At the start of the MindScape seminar I ask the question: 

What aspect of your reality would you like to change if you could?

9 times out of 10, the first answer that comes back is: "I want more money" or "I need more time". I then will usually respond to their answer with a follow-up question.

OK so if you had more money or more time what aspect of your life would you change?

Money & time are ultimately concepts. As with any concept our relationship to them will reflect our own belief systems in our subconscious.

Rather than putting our energy into the outcome we would like we tend to focus on what we perceive we do not have. This in turn can results in a downward spiral which reinforces the perception, creating a stronger and stronger habit pattern around a 'lack' mentality.

Change your Programming

Many will try and change the patterning and play with positive affirmations, but this is really just like you talking to the hard drive that contains the software and programs. There's no mechanism to change it.

MindScape, with its foundations built on a framework using Jungian Psychology provides the bridge to our subconscious. It is only by changing those programs, beliefs, and fears in the subconscious mind that we can bring about significant change in our reality.

In this MasterClass we will play with your current projections around money and time, and through various exercises balance your relationship to the concepts.

Once done we can then focus on Success in its own right. The outcome you would like !


So what aspect of your life would you like to be successful in?

Yes, it could be about financial wealth, but it could also be about improvements in health, art or sport, learning new skills or languages, passing exams, career, business, relationships.

In the MasterClass we will explore the 'drivers' and motivations behind your goal.

Including exercises

  • Mind the Gap
  • The Parent Trap

Using the inspiration test we will then help you find your priority goal.

One of the new elements we bring in is helping you Find Your Inner Lion and then through a variety of tools and exercises remove the fears, limits, blocks to shift your reality.

The structured framework can then be used whenever you wish to work on other aspects of your life you would like to change.

The class will strengthen your connection to your own inner wisdom and you will leave much more confident in connecting to your own inner wisdom.

Money/Time and Success

The extended version enables us to delve deeper into the original content matter and bring in exciting new material.

  • Our Money Projection and balancing
  • Balancing your relationship to time
  • Finding our Inner Lion
  • Imagination into Reality
  • Removing Fear, Limits, Blocks
  • Mind the Gap
  • The Call to Action

You will leave the class:

  • More balanced to the concepts of Money & Time
  • More confident in your self and insights from your Workshop
  • Inspired for success in your life
  • With tools to remove fears, limits and blocks
  • And with a structured framework that you can use again and again in other areas of your life that you would like to succeed in.

MindScape MasterClass

Money/Time and Success

October 21st-22nd 9am-1pm Pacific time

(5pm -10pm UK time).

Invest in Yourself

New MasterClass Students Early Bird investment $333. (full price $444)

Attendees of Previous 1 day version investment $222

Pre-requisites: Basic MindScape either in-person or online with any MindScape Instructor.