Imagination will take your everywhere

12 Days of MindScape

Unleash your Mind with this brand new online recorded class for those who have previously taken MindScape.

This Course is ideal for :

  • New MindScape students looking to take their MindScape Journey further,

  • MindScapers wishing to re-energize their Workshop and gain additional support, and

  • Active MindScapers looking for additional guided practice.

12 Guided Lessons

with Tailored Feedback

There are 12 individual lessons covering all aspects of using your MindScape Workshop with explanations and guidance for each section covered.

Each lesson also includes a recorded audio MindScape exercise/meditation by Andy Spencer Senior Advanced MindScape Instructor.

The guided meditations are then followed up with questionnaires for you to complete, which will be reviewed individually by Andy, with additional feedback, guidance and support where required.

Once all 12 days exercises and questionnaires are completed, you will receive a certificate.

On completion you will retain access to all of the lessons and audio guided exercises as and when you wish.

Audio Recordings

Each lesson also includes a recorded audio MindScape exercise/meditation leading you into your MindScape workshop and guidance to complete the exercise before leading you out.

These audio recordings by Andy Spencer are invaluable as you can listen to in your own time and at your own pace.

The ability to pause in order that you can reflect and explore further if need be is so beneficial.

In addition if you drift off or get disturbed, then you can simply listen to the exercise recording again!

Once all 12 lessons are completed You will retain unlimited access to these guided meditations, so can come back and play as much as you wish.

12 Days of MindScape

Course Curriculum

MindScape Refresher

Day One

A great opportunity to be guided in slowly through the whole process of going into your workshop and maybe refresh aspects of your existing workshop.

Understanding Your Metaphor

Day Two

An opportunity to now observe the meaning, symbolism and mirroring that your Workshop as a Living Metaphor is showing you.

A Day For Healing

Day Three

In this lesson and meditation you will be encouraged to explore the power of the mind, the Alpha state and your Healing tool, promote healing within.

A New Animal Guide

Day Four

This lesson and accompanying meditation will give you ideas in how to get the most out of this invaluable Jungian Tool, and to explore the full meaning.

Male & Female Guides

Day Five

Its time with this lesson to get new Male and Female Jungian Archetypes, and explore the yin and yang energy balance within.

Gaining Insight

Day Six

Looking for answers, seeking help or clarity? MindScape will help you ignore the noise of others and connect with your own inner wisdom.

External Guidance

Day Seven

Building on the previous exercise, this lesson explains the process of obtaining the best advice externally for you at that moment in time.

Time to Manifest

Day Eight

A detailed lesson and guided meditation on the process of using your screen to manifest your goals in your MindScape Workshop

A New Recreation Area

Day Nine

Creating recreation areas can open up a whole new world for you to explore, play, rehearse or relax. Sports, Arts, Leisure, the only limits are yours!

A New Tool

Day Ten

This lesson discusses Permissions and helps you create an important tool that can significantly help you relax, heal and use your workshop for insight.

Mind Journey

Day Eleven

A Guided meditation to help you expand your imagination and senses. You will also be encouraged to continue to create your own journeys.

Exercise the BodyMind

Day Twelve

Exploring full mental rehearsal to exercise the physical body and the mind together. Getting into the zone goes way beyond just sport.

Andy Spencer Sr.MSI

Andy is a Senior Advanced MindScape Instructor.

With a background in the corporate world Andy is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience in Corporate Finance, and private equity in London, advising and investing in growth companies. He has four children aged 12 to 23, and is based near London, England.

Drawing on his professional business background he has an ability to enthuse students from all backgrounds to tune into and enhance their intuitive abilities in a grounded, professional and fun way. He is passionate about sharing The MindScape System, and training new Instructors around the world. 

He has been teaching MindScape/Advanced MindScape for over 10 years and has taught MindScape to 1,000's of students around the globe online and in person. He has taught MindScape seminars internationally including in the USA , Canada, Asia, Australia , New Zealand and throughout the UK and Europe. Andy also supervises the training of other MindScapers to become International MindScape Instructors.


Each of the 12 days lessons and guided meditations comes with additional input, reminders, guidance, advice, and insights from Andy Spencers experience of teaching several hundred MindScape seminars around the world.

MindScape Meditations
Recorded Meditations

Recorded MindScape Meditations to listen to whenever you need some inspiration, and support. The guided meditations can help you stay focussed. Listen to and repeat the exercises as many times as you wish. Unlimited Access.

Tailored Feedback

After each Guided Meditation you can complete a questionnaire, which will prompt you to glean insights from each exercise. These will be reviewed by Andy with individual follow-on guidance or feedback provided where necessary.

Lets get started!

Click on the link below to kick off your 12 days of MindScape. Upon payment you will have immediate access to this online class with recorded guided meditations. Payment can be made in one upfront payment or spread over three equal monthly payments. Choose your payment method by choosing either of the buttons below, which will take you to the checkout page. Any problems, or queries then please message me [email protected]


How long do I have access to these meditations?

You will retain access to these for life. If for any reason we change platforms then you will be given access to the same class on the new platform.

Will I get updates?

As this class is updated you will also receive any updates or improvements to the 12 Days of MindScape for free. You will also receive prior access to additional classes coming soon.

Do I have to complete the Questionnaires ?

While I look forward to hearing about your insights, journey and discoveries as you play, the completion of the questionnaires to journal your discoveries is of course entirely up to you. if you do complete them, then I can provide tailored feedback and prompts where appropriate.

What is the length of time of the guided meditations ?

The length of time varies depending on what is involved in each exercise. We slow it right down for the first exercise which is a full 28 minute refresher and then speed up a little for each passing day. Most guided exercises are between 10-15 minutes longer and then it is up you when and whether you complete the questionnaires. You have the flexibility to speed up, or pause if you want to play more during the exercise. A key benefit is you can come back and do whichever area you feel you would like to play with on that day.

Are there any Pre-requisites?

Only that you have taken a basic MindScape seminar with any MindScape Instructor, either in-person or online.

If you have any problems or any queries then just email me:

[email protected]