About Us


Akasun was formed by Andy Spencer and his wife Karen Spencer (nee Best).

Akasun offers services to support individuals and groups to shift their understanding & perception of the issues they are experiencing. Addressing outdated belief systems, thinking patterns and behaviours results in transformation and growth, allowing individuals and groups to reach their full potential.

Andy Spencer

Andy is the father of 4 children and has over 20 years of corporate finance experience in London, England, investing in and advising entrepreneurial companies. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has been on the board of many private companies.

In 2006 Andy embarked on a journey to understand the body and mind connection that kept individuals, groups and businesses from achieving their full potential. As an International Instructor Andy has worked with 1000's of individuals, businesses and sports teams in how to use their minds to empower and enable them to reach their full potential in life.

Karen Spencer (nee Best)

After years of experiencing many healthcare challenges from the age of 8 years old onwards that were not able to be resolved using western medicine, Karen had more questions than answers. This led her to look outside of the medical model to find answers to her healthcare challenges.

Since 2003 Karen has worked intuitively combining several systems to support individuals, groups and businesses to release health issues, mental blocks, unprocessed emotions, energetic blockages, detrimental subconscious patterning, spiritual blocks creating resistance within, uncertainty over which direction to move forward personally or in business etc.

Karen is also an internationally renowned senior instructor of a consciousness-based healthcare modality in which she has created several support courses to help students reach their full potential.